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Strategic Portfolio Management

Strategic Portfolio Management is a comprehensive training program for product management. The training courses are intended for product managers, product marketing managers, product owners and other product people in high-tech industry companies. Strategic Portfolio Management training helps product professionals to acquire the needed skills to succeed in the fast moving and competitive product world. To be able to make ideas to innovations.


Satisfaction Quaranteed!

Strategic Portfolio Management training courses have been provided since 2011. Excellent customer satisfaction is our priority and we are proud to have an excellent feedback from the hundreds of product managers we have trained. Our value proposal to any product manager to join our pubic courses is:

If you are not happy with training course, give us the reasoning and we return half of the training fee for you!


Product Management 2.0

Is a comprehensive training covering fundamentals of strategic Product Management. Training program is based on international best practises applied succesfully in different industries.

The global competition is based on holistic customer and market understanding, not another set of features Get rid of fire fighting and free more time for strategic product management.  Find out where to seek growth and improved profitability – creating new products and markets or improving the existing product portfolio.

Tuotejohtamisen huoneentaulu

Product Management 2.0 training course was business driven and practical. I learned a good amount of new ideas and got new tools for my job.

Jaakko Jääskeläinen, Product Manager, Walki Oy

Private Training Courses

If there a half a dozed or more attendees a company specific training is usually a better option than sending individual product managers to public training. The lenght, the content and the level of a private training can be taylored for the company-specific needs.

The bigger part of the training courses we have arranged have been private trainings. Our happy customer have varied from banks to hich-tech products to software and we would happy to respond to your specific needs too.


Product Management 2.0 training course gave a good picture of the role of a product manager and the product management in general. Best part of the course was the practicality; examples and exercises supported the topics well and helped to  memorize them. The PM toolbox obtained from the course has helped me in my daily work.

Niina Aurén Product Manager Voyantic Oy

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