Product Management 2.0

Product Management 2.0 is a comprehensive training course covering fundamentals of strategic Product Management. The training program is based on international best practices applied successfully in different industries.

Why to participate?
The global competition is based on holistic customer and market understanding, not another set of features. Get rid of fire fighting and free more time for strategic product management. Find out where to seek growth and improved profitability – creating new products and markets or improving the existing product portfolio.

What will be achieved during course?

  • Understanding of the big picture: What is my role as product manager and how can I deliver value for my customers and my company.
  • Long-term strategic thinking that merges business models with supporting services and superior customer experience.
  • New ways and tools how to develop, market and update products while coping with the fierce competition.

Product Management 2.0 is targeted for Product Managers, Product Marketing Managers, Product Owners and Managers responsible for Product Management.

Price: 2250€ + VAT 24%
Duration: 3 days

Product Management 2.0 Agenda

1. Day

  • Introduction to Strategic Product Management
  • Introduction to Product Strategy
  • Organizing Product Management
  • Market opportunity

2. Day

  • Product Planning, Requirement Management
  • Product Marketing
  • Pricing
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Summary

3. Day

  • Excercise day from Product Idea all the way to Product Launch

”A product manager’s work requires a wide array of skills. The Product Management 2.0 course offers the birds-eye view on the role of a product manager. Also, the toolbox provided by the course helps apply the lessons to your working life. I highly recommend the course for junior and senior product managers; especially for those with a technical background.”

Miika Pylvänäinen, Product Manager, Confidex Oy

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