Private training courses

Public training courses are good opportunities to learn from other product management professionals but sometimes it makes more sense to have a company specific training course. Actually, most of the training courses we have arranged are private courses, where the company specific issues can be discussed and the content can be fine-tuned to meet the specific needs of the company. The other benefits of the private courses are:

  • The complete team can be trained with lower a cost
  • The location and the time can be chosen to suit your needs, whether to minimize travel costs or combine with other off-site activities
  • Other stakeholders outside the core team can be invited to the training

The fundamentals of Product Management

Product Management 2.0 tailored for industry and company-specific needs is usually a good starting point. The benefits of the basic training for the whole product management team is to get everybody aligned and the common procedures shared. After the training all the participants understand the “big picture” better and cooperation improves. In most of the times it is good invite also key developers, marketers and business developers to join the training.

The private training courses may vary from one day workshop to five day training camp. Let us know your needs and we’ll work out a proposal for you.

Examples of our deep dive training courses


Business Case Evaluation

Innovation is not about creating new ideas but picking the best opportunities. This training teached how to create a light but comprehensive business case for eavaluation and internal pitching.


Business-driven Service Design

When services becomes products and products become services best customer experience wins. Learn to understand who your customer are and how to design their customer journey from evaluation to retirement.


Effective Product Marketing

Digitization affects every business. Learn how not only survive the change but benefit from it. At the same time the role of traditional selling is decreasing and the role of a digital product marketing becoming more important.

“Different sectors’ expectations for product management have not always met existing work habits and efficiency. For this reason, we needed to designate a single, modern way for the product management team to work with sales, marketing and product development.”

 Kimmo Kouhi, Debuty CEO and Vice President of R & D, Itella Information.