The company and its mission

Prodman was established in Autumn 2009 to offer expert product management services to high-tech companies in Finland. The mission of the company has always been to take the product management competence of Finnish ICT and high-tech companies to a world-class level, where the companies would be known and appreciated for products that truly solve the needs of their customers. Finnish companies have been known as innovative and advanced, but we need to promote their products as those that customers truly want and appreciate.

Prodman helps companies to develop the needed competences and processes for successful and sustainable product business. Ideas will become products and products to successful business with enhanced product management. Prodman is the leading product management developer in Finland with international customer base.

Strategic Portfolio Management is a training program developed together with Prodman and its training partner Gearshift Group.

Harri Pendolin

Harri is the founder and CEO of Prodman. He has had a long career in the high-techn industry in various product management positions. After leaving the corporate world 2009, he has been an entrepreneur helping companies big and small to create success stories. Harri is one of the most experienced PM trainers in Finland and well over 300 product management professionals and entrepreneurs have been on his classes. Harri’s special interest is new product development.

Antti Suvanto, Consultant and Trainer

Antti is an experienced product leader who has “got his hands dirty” in managing products in all phases of product lifecycle. Antti has worked also in business development, sales and service delivery giving him wide perspective to product and service business. Antti enjoys training product and marketing managers especially when he can use his extensive background from large and global companies (Nokia, Wipro). Antti holds an MSc in engineering.

Markku Nurmela, Lead Consultant

Markku has 25 years of experience in developing, producing and selling software products and IT services. Markku is a renowned expert on innovation and product management. Markku has trained over 500 product managers since 2007, when he was bringing product management training to Finland.