Product Management Resources

One of the best ways to learn how to succeed in product management is to connect with other product managers. Sharing your own experiences and learnings usually pays back in one or another.

Here we want to share the best free tools we have found usable for product managers and promote the communities where product managers can get together to share and connect.

Please, join the discussion and sharing!

Tools for Product Managers

According to a study made by SiriusDecisions only 13% of b-to-b product managers use product management specific applications regularly (at least once a week)!

There are number of reasons for that but the fact is most product managers are still using tools they have generated by themselves or inherited from their colleagues. We have few of them too and we want to share them with you.

Check the tools out here and feel free to share some by yourself too!

Product Management Conferences and Meet-ups

Another great way to learn and connect is to participate in product management communities. There are tens of them around the world and we can’t list them all. But we try to cover the main ones and naturally our focus is on the ones in Finland.

See here what is coming up next!