Camps and meet-ups

The growing importance of product management can easily be seen in the number of conferences and meetups around the topic. Looking back to 2013 there were no communities for product managers in Finland, except perhaps a quiet Linkedin-group.

But the things have changed and we are happy about it! Currently we have at least two free get-togethers for product people: ProductCamp and Product Tank. And in addition we had the first Product Management Conference, Unicorn16, arranged in Finland 8th of April 2016! We will see what the next year will bring for product people.


During the last few years there have been great Product Management Conferences around the world (PMF in Zurich, Schwitzerland, MTP in London and SF, Leading the Product in Melbourne) and now Finland has got it’s own! Unicorn is a conference which brings to its participants the newest information and innovation in product management from leading experts across the world.

The first conference was organized in April 2016 and certainly more will come. Stay tuned!

ProductCamp Helsinki

Product Camp is a free, user-driven, collaborative “unconference” for Product Managers and Marketers. It’s organized on a spring Saturday annually in Helsinki. In the product camps we are exchanging experiences and best practices related to product management and product marketing starting with free breakfast and ending the day with some beers in good company. Product camp is an excellent opportunity to network with other product managers.

The 3rd ProductCamp was held April 9th 2016. See here what is was all about.

ProductTank Helsinki

ProductTank was founded in 2010 in London and today spans over 20 cities with over 6,000 members. It is an informal meet-up that brings together the local product community in each of those cities – whether they’re Product Managers, Designers, or Developers – to share their experience and knowledge. ProductTank is organized in Helsinki few times a year. Each meet-up contains interesting presentations and discussion related to Product Management and/or Product Marketing. More information can be found here.