Product Management Tools

Here are few tools for product managers we are happy to share with you. The tools are available for all but our wish is that when they people use and improve them they also share results with the community.

Product profitability map – visualize your portfolio status

If the portfolio has accumulated a two-digit number of products and product versions, the perception of it based on only numerical data becomes difficult: what products will bring revenue and which again are high margin ones?

Product Profitability map is an Excel tool that helps you to visualize and thus also  to manage the product portfolio. Poorly and well behaving products can easily be compared, for example, based on turnover or profitability. Do not forget to manage your portfolio, but download product Profitability map and measure to be able to manage!

Download the Product profitability map and the user manual.

Win-loss analysis tool – understand the strengths and weaknesses of your offering

After you loose, or win, a bid everyone has his or her own opinion why it happened. Loss is usually caused by a too high price or missing features and in all the wins it’s the remarkable sales team which managed pull it together – or was it really so?

The win-loss analysis tool is an excel-sheet filled with lots of questions and issues to be addressed after a bid. It also collects numerical data on your success or failure causes to help you focus on the right things. If you have less than 25 bids per year the win-loss analysis is one of your most important customer feedback sources. Download the sheet, modify it to your needs and start collecting the data already today.

Download Win-loss analysis tool.

Requirement prioritization – make it clear and visible what to develop next

Sales guys and customers are all asking for new features but developers are already fully booked – does this sound familiar? You can’t deliver everything and usually it wouldn’t even make sense but how prioritize your backlog and keep everybody happy?  The requirement prioritization tool helps you weight the value and costs of your requirements. Keeping the tool visible and using it together with other stakeholders will give product managers air to breath: everybody knows the prioritized order of requirements and the reasoning behind.

Download the Requirement prioritization tool and the instructions.

Onion model for roadmaps – communicate your vision

The most important thing when sharing product vision is the content, not how it is wrapped up. But having a clear and visual template helps both filling and understanding the content of the roadmap. Onion model for roadmaping is our model for complete set of roadmaps. It presents all the layers from feature backlog to technology roadmap and the strategy and visualizes the connections between them.

Download here the Onion model for roadmaps template and instructions.

The license terms of the tools

We have made available few here few tools that are also used in Strategic Portfolio Management training courses. The tools are mainly created by us. However, we have got some help and feedback from the others which have made the tools better. That is the reason we want to share them with Creative Commons-ShareAlike 3.0 -licens. Feel free to use and improve but let the others enjoy your work too!