Product Management Services

What is Product Management?

Creating successful products and services is hard. Doing it consistently and staying competitive is even harder. It requires the right competencies, good tools and a great team.

We at Prodman can help you in two ways. We can either

  1. help you to develop your world-class product management teamor we can jump in to
  2. help you develop the winning products!

Product Management Development  – Build your own dream team

Well-functioning product management organization with the right tools and processes brings speed to respond to changing market needs and competitor’s offering. It also ensures there is a strategy that is followed and the needed leadership to get everybody working for the same goal.

Our offering to Product Management Development covers the whole journey, no matter what stage your organization currently is. We can assess the current stage, use the appropriate training courses, find the best tools and create the suitable processes for you. And finally mentor product managers to get the best out of the individual talents.

Product Management Consultation and Contractors – Hands-on help for your needs

Managing a product throughout its life-cycle is a challenging job. The owner of the product, usually Product Manager, shall act as a voice of the customer and market towards development, but also be able to help marketing and sales to talk to the right customer with the value proposition. And of course implement the market serving product strategy.

But the problem often is where to find these special competences when are needed?.

When you want to save time and money and get the job done, call us. We have an extensive experience and we can find you the right competence quick and conveniently.