Consultancy services

Sometimes it just makes more sense to hire resources to do the job. The benefits of buying the work from us versus hiring more employees or trying to squeeze if from existing resources are

  • time savings
  • lower costs
  • lower risk
  • learning from contractors

Examples how our contractors have added value to our customers

Business case evaluation

Having a new idea but not sure whether you should go for it or not? Let us evaluate the business case. We have extensive experience on evaluating business cases and finding the risk and uncertainties you should be aware when considering how to proceed.

Building and testing an MVP

Are you willing to take a step further and test your idea with real customers? We can help to define the hypotheses, find the best approach to test them and define the product/concept/business model to be tested.

Go-to-market planning

Have you a new product ready but you are not sure how you should conquer the market? We can help you to segment the market, position your product, define buyer personas, sharpen the value proposition and finding the best pricing model.

Portfolio management

Lots of products in the portfolio but not sure what to do with them? We have been there and know that most of the established companies could increase their profitability with better portfolio management. Let us help you to trim your portfolio and separate stars from dogs!