Product Management Development

We have helped several companies to develop a winning product management team. There is no one-size-fits-all model but instead unique needs, competences and environments that need to be noticed. Understanding the current state is a mandatory starting point to agree on what steps are needed and in which order. But at the end of the day it all looks clear. The ingredients are always the same.

People, processes and tools.

Product Management Development

 Product Management Assessment

One may have a good understanding what seems to work and what not in a company’s product management. However, usually it is good to get a second opinion from outside the organization.

Product Management Assessment is unique method to get a good picture how the product management organization works. The assessment has three different options depending how deep understanding is needed.

Training and workshop

One common problem with product management is that very few companies have defined what it is. Individual product managers handle their work the way they have learnt to do it but a common way of working and processes are missing. Even the used vocabulary may be confusing. Getting from that basic level to the champions league requires several steps. Some of the companies need to go through them all, but for most few selected ones are enough. Training in some form is almost always included.

Product Management workshop

An easy way to kick-start PM development is to arrange one day PM workshop. This suites best for the companies that are taking the very first steps in establishing product management function.

Product Management training

Product Management training courses vary from two day intensive training to whole week training academies. There are always different aspects to considered when planning the training and every company has unique needs. We help to find the most effective way to move your product managers to the next level.

Product Management Process Book

Almost every company has defined a process for product development. That process usually gives the guidelines needed to run a project that delivers a product.

But product management is a continuous process unlike a project, which has it beginning and end. What Product Management Process Book gives you is frame for managing the product business from ideas to revenues. Contact us and we are happy to tell you more.