Seminar for Product Leaders

April 8th 2016 Helsinki

Investors call high growth companies (Spotify, Uber, MakerBot etc.) achieving 1+ Billion valuation Unicorns. Behind every Unicorn there is brave vision, successful strategy, magnificent team, great implementation and luck. The latter is not in our control, but from the rest we can learn.

Unicorn16 is a one day seminar for product leaders who want to learn secrets behind product successes. Presenters of the Unicorn are known experts, whose stories will inspire every product leader.

Themes of the seminar are:


Understand your customers, solve their problems and dare to dream. Without a brave vision and understanding of the change and discontinuities of world, success stories will not be created.

Product Strategy

Vision defines the goal, but one still needs to understand and define how it will be achieved. Successful product strategy is much more than a project plan called roadmap.


Product management is evolving. Will product managers be replaced by growth hackers and data miners in the future ? Or is the role of a product manager actually growing thanks to digitalization?


Product development is getting even more agile, more customer driven and less hierarchical. Or is it not? How should product development be lead to implement just the right features for the future successes?

Join. Get inspired. Network.

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